Record: Breathing always hard for some Comox Valley residents

The Comox Valley Record published a great story (March 30, 2020) on burning restrictions during COVID-19 and the impact of wood smoke on people’s health.

In addition to talking about restrictions on open burning, the article includes perspectives from two different residents about the impact of wood smoke at all times, not just during the pandemic, and includes a link to Breathe Clean Air’s website.

Excerpts from the article:

“Bev Hyde, who lives with her husband in Courtenay, has severe allergies and respiratory issues. She has also had breast cancer and a compromised immune system, and for her, the latest moves do not go far enough. The couple is still seeing and smelling smoke blanketing the valley….”

“In response to the regional regulations, [Sherril Guthrie] said, ‘The changes aren’t happening fast enough to prevent additional respiratory cases and heart attacks in our Valley, but the open fire restrictions are another step in the right direction. So it’s great that our fire departments finally seem to acknowledge that open burning is a problem, while our CVRD no longer denies that burning — of any material — presents a serious public health risk for residents who breath our polluted air.'”

Thanks to everyone who speaks up for change! Your voices are being heard!

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