Public meeting on Air Quality in the Comox Valley

We are hosting a public meeting on Air Quality in the Comox Valley. The event will be Wednesday, March 14th, 7-9pm, at the Florence Filberg Centre in Courtenay.

Our goal is to ensure that this a respectful and welcoming place for everyone in the Comox Valley to come and increase their knowledge about air quality concerns and possible solutions. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

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  1. Hello from ️Stella in Montreal
    Acknowledging your effort to prevent wood burning health hazards .
    As one who invested years of time and provided truth , dicumented fact based studies we in MONTREAL finally will adopt what is a ban on all wood stoves ( one exception sadly)
    The reason we are held hostage by street wood smokers is because our leaders have allowed a fake and fraudulent wood stove manufacturing industry to conduct all tests, own the labs,
    and self certify ..
    a Tax free ️️non profit high powerful lobbyists
    we need to expose EPA Certified Stoves as we did big tobacco!
    With one legal law suit won against a neighbour burning with EPA Stove we have set precedent for others to follow.
    For now, I wish to encourage U to take strong action to ensure the right to breathe smoke free!
    When parents finally become aware of the 22000 breaths a day of toxic smoke fumes inside and outside their homes and schools and when the truth about the emissions not being reduced with these new clean efficient EPA Certified stoves. class action will be a reality!
    ️Keeping our communities safe depends on reaching out to schools, businesses and holding the ️Elected officials feet to the fire!
    Like big Morris Tobacco the industry got away with stealig life. health and breath!
    We must stand strong to protect children and safeguard our selves from being victims of
    a very hazardous toxic dirty wood smoke air!
    I believe we as Canadians
    need to combine our will to seek our basic rights to home and safety within all communities and cities.
    Canadians must unite to seek a very much warranted class nation law suit!

    We are each day becoming victims of this industry and these
    ‘other smokers ‘.
    We face a major forceful problem and together we can and must exercise the right to protect our children, to have safety in our homes, on our streets , in public places!
    Our health is not to be made second place !
    MONTREAL is making
    major strides so we all can enjoy best chance to live and breathe smoke free!

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