NEW Brochure! Wood Smoke in the Comox Valley

Breathe Clean Air is please to announce the release of our new four-page brochure on wood smoke in the Comox Valley!

The colourful document contains information on health impacts, environmental impacts, data in the Comox Valley, solutions and more!

We encourage you to share this resource to help increase awareness of this important air quality issue. Many are not aware of the extent of the problem and how wood smoke is harmful for everyone’s health.

Hard copies available for distribution

We have also printed 1000 copies.

If you would like to help distribute these to key locations, or if you have a group you would like to share them with, please get in touch with Catherine at

Support for printing costs

Printing and other public education can be costly. Be consider supporting our work, and possible further printing of this brochure and our other resources.


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One Comment

  1. Great brochure. If you can spare some for Alberta I will send them to politicians and school boards in Alberta. I do not have Pay Pal but will send cash or credit card to support efforts.
    Will send e-mail to give an idea of my efforts here and Cathy in Lethbridge Google only clean air: helping end wood smoke pollution.
    Good to have some support, there is nothing but hostility here.

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