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Breathe Clean Air’s new 1/4 page ad highlights the health impacts of wood smoke pollution (see p. 38 of the Comox Valley Record, January 9, 2020).

The eye-catching ad cites the 2017 study which showed a 19% increased risk of heart attacks in seniors when wood smoke pollution increased. The study included monitoring and health data from the  Comox Valley.

The ad also points to wood smoke’s impacts on children’s health. To learn more about the range of potential health impacts, please visit our Health Impacts page.

Thanks to donors!

We were able to place this ad, and hope to do more, thanks to some generous donors.

If you like what we do and would like to see ongoing outreach on wood smoke pollution, please consider donating.

Funds are used for printing educational materials, getting films like “The Cost of Wood Heating” made, renting meeting rooms, hosting the website, placing ads like these and more!

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