More on Candidate Positions on Air Quality

An election 2018 questionnaire by Decafnation asked candidates a question specific to air quality:

What can [your area] do to improve air quality, given that we rate as one of the worst in Canada? 

The responses are worth reading as they add details to their responses to the Breathe Clean Air questionnaire. We will be looking at both questionnaires to see if there are any inconsistencies.

We do see that many candidates emphasize switching to newer stoves as a solution (see our position on why wood stoves are not an effective solution to pollution) and a few continue to blame slash burning for the smoke in our communities.

The responses

The links below will take you to the responses to Decafnation’s questions. The 6th question is on air quality, but some candidates also bring it up in their responses to other questions. Note: not all candidates responded.

CVRD Electoral Area Candidates




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