Doctor speaks out about wood smoke

Wood smoke pollution is unfortunately plaguing many towns and cities worldwide.

This opinion piece, “If we’re serious about improving the air we breathe, we need to stop burning wood,” was penned by a doctor in Bristol. But it could have been written by a Comox Valley doctor.

While some doctors have made the connection between wood smoke and a host of health issues that their patients might have, many more seem to be unaware of the possible connection. It is quite surprising how few are aware of the similarities between cigarette smoke and wood smoke.

How you can help: Talk to your health practitioner

You can help raise awareness (which may lead to action) by talking to your doctors, nurses and other health practitioners. Share information on the harms of wood smoke and its prevalence in our area. Highlight how your health might be impacted by wood smoke in your area.

You can also refer them to our website * or to the Doctors and Scientists against woodsmoke pollution at

You can also get them to watch our film, “The Cost of Wood Heating” which has information from our Medical Health Officer and a concerned parent who is also a doctor.

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