Australian city votes to work on ban of wood heating!

The City council for Nedlands in Western Australia (WA), recently passed a motion aimed at banning wood stoves within their city. The vote passed 9-3.

The approved motion read: “That Council instructs the Acting CEO to commence an advisory period aimed at banning the use of indoor wood fire heating in the City of Nedlands before April of 2024.”

This decision reflects a growing awareness of the dangers of wood smoke and the unfairness that so many are unwillingly exposed to it.

The challenge for Nedlands may be the issue of who has the legal authority to create such a ban–the City or the State. But the success of the motion highlights that the emphasis to date on ‘better burning’ and new stoves is not adequate and that stronger action is needed.

(See p. 47 of the City of Nedlands meeting agenda for the detailed background provided by the councillor who put forward the motion).

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