Court denies industry challenge to audits for wood stoves

If you are confident in your product, why would you fight so hard to ensure no other testing of your claims?

The wood stove industry group, the Hearth, Patio and Barbeque Association (HPBA), fought against a 2015 EPA ‘audit’ provision which said any wood stove could randomly be tested in an EPA-accredited lab different from the one a company used to certify their stove.

The industry opposed any such audits claiming, according to the article about the case, “testing results can vary drastically when changing laboratories”.

So, HPBA worries about an accredited lab achieving the same emission results, but not a wood stove user in the real world?

Fortunately, the HPBA lost their legal challenge so the audit provision will stay in place.

Now, if EPA would only use it! The complete lack of EPA audits of stove certification tests in over 30 years is one of many issues a group of air quality agencies from multiple states highlighted in their damning report about the EPA certification approval process for wood stoves.

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