Another Air Advisory issued (Dec. 11)

During an air advisory in January 2017, people continued to burn their yard waste. This image from near Goose Spit illustrates how smoke does not disperse when we have poor venting conditions.

Another Air Advisory was issued this morning for the Comox Valley. This is our 3rd advisory so far this winter.

Inversions are trapping air, and therefore smoke, in the valley.

Open burning has not been allowed for weeks due to weather conditions. If you see an open burn (larger than a yard waste fire), please call the RAPP line  (Report all Poachers and Polluters) and report the location (or fill out their online form). Your complaint will be anonymous, but they will require your contact information.

Wood stove use is legal but hopefully people will consider using other heat sources during this time. Yard waste burning in CVRD (outside of Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland) is also legal but will hopefully not be done during these poor weather conditions.

Check weather forecast websites to learn when advisory is over.


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