$3200 rebates in Cumberland & West Courtenay

The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) is offering a rebates to eligible residents who remove their 5+ year old wood-burning appliance used for home heating and replace it with a high efficiency gas, pellet or propane stove/insert, or an electric heat pump.

$2500 top up!

For homes in West Courtenay and Cumberland (two areas with a lot of documented wood smoke), the $700 regular rebate for switching to a heat pump has been bumped up with an extra $2500. These great rebates are limited in number (total of 14) and there is no guarantee they will be available again.

It is a great opportunity to make the switch to easier, cleaner home heating (with an added bonus of air conditioning).

For details, check out CVRD’s Wood Smoke Reduction Program page.

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  1. We are battling still here in Montreal Quebec. Some cities playing politics with children’s breath as their financial currency! 21 cities have banned all wood smoke MONTREAL 2018 REGULATION. SO MUCH EORK BUT WE DID IT!
    Got to have class action against the wood stove industry! See : WEST ISLAND BLOG
    Totally a false advertising and consequences same as tobacco or asbestos! Round up.
    We are deeply saddened by the forest fires.

    • The 2018 Montreal regulation didn’t actually “banned all wood smoke”. Although it is a stronger regulation than any other municipality we are aware of, what it says is that only wood stoves that are rated at 2.5 gm/hr can be used in greater Montreal (includes the 21 ‘cities’ you referenced). So wood stove use is still very much legal, if you have a new stove. As we know, most homes usually do not achieve the same rating achieved in factory conditions. Also the testing does not include start up smoke, which is the thickest.

      But even if a owner happens to achieve the stove rating, it is still worse that over a dozen new diesel cars. So ever hour of stove use is like a dozen diesel cars idling at the same time, in the same location.

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