Haven’t we been burning wood for generations? Why all the fuss now?

We often hear the argument that burning wood is natural and that we have done it for eons. Well, we also used to die a lot younger.

We don’t continue to do a lot of things our parents, grandparents or ancestors did because we now know it isn’t good for us. Centuries ago they commonly bled people to help them get better. A few decades ago we used to smoke in planes, bars and restaurants.

“Natural” does not mean things are healthy. Lead, uranium and arsenic are natural. Coal dust is natural. Tobacco is natural.

All smoke is pollution and is unhealthy to breathe. In addition to fine particulates, wood smoke contains many of the same toxic things you find in cigarette smoke: dioxins, furans, formaldehyde, carcinogenic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), arsenic, mercury and benzene.

There are hundreds of studies showing the negative health effects of wood smoke. It is time to clean up our act.


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