Cleaner air means reducing wood smoke. Here's how:

Help Change happen!

Remember when doctors used to recommend cigarette brands and people smoked in planes, bars, restaurants, workplaces and cars with kids?

Change does happen. We can get clean air in the Comox Valley. But for it to happen, we need political will and leadership, and community involvement.

What you can do:

1. Contact your politicians and ask for:

  • Public education on health impacts of wood smoke and on clean energy alternatives.
  • Regulatory measures to:
    • Protect people’s right to clean air in their home; and
    • Reduce emissions and improve overall air quality
  • Better incentives for people to move to clean heating sources.
  • Immediate action. We know enough; it’s time to act!

See our Resources page for email addresses of people to write to.

2. Support our work

Breathe Clean Air is a group of volunteers concerned about the health impacts of wood smoke in the Valley.

If you'd like to get involved, please contact us. Or please donate to support our work.